Fix Auto Update of Kodi and Prevent Firestick from Crashes

Is your Kodi firestick/firetv getting Updated Automatically? this could be beneficial if that works fine without any bugs and may ruin your Kodi firestick or firetv if there are bugs in an update and may even crash your Kodi for no external reason. So let’s Fix Automatic Update in Kodi and Prevent your Firestick from Crashes. There might be many reasons behind getting your firestick crashed, that does not matter as we are not Kodi developers. But the Ultimate goal of every Kodi user is to stream unlimited Movies, TV shows, Music and much more with hassle-free.

In this guide, I will show you How to Fix Kodi being automatically updated so that you can prevent your Firestick from crashes. Following the Steps will teach you how you can get a Notification when there is an update available so that it’s your choice whether to update to the latest version of Kodi or stick to the same version. I personally recommend every user to look into the feedback from the Kodi users using the latest version and proceed to update if you wish. This way you can protect your firestick from crashes and bugs in the latest version released.

Step by Step procedure to Fix Auto Update Kodi

  1. Go to ‘Setting‘ on the top left corner of the screen and choose ‘system settings’
  2. Now navigate to add-ons tab and click on updates
  3. The system will show a pop up containing three options.
  4. a.Install updates Automatically.b.Notify, But do not install updates. c.Never check for updates
  5. By default, it will be set to Install Updates Automatically
  6. As we don’t want to auto-update Kodi. we have to choose “Notify, but do not install updates” and click on “OK”.

Doing this, you will not get an update on an automatic basis. You will be Notified of the updates available when there is an Update.

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How to Fix auto-updating of Individual Addons

  1. Go to ‘Setting Tab‘ on the top left corner of the screen and choose add-ons
  2. The system now displays available add-ons on your firestick
  3. Select the Addon you wish to enable/disable auto update
  4. On clicking on selected addon pop up with Information Icon Displays.
  5. Then click on Information icon to See Addon Information
  6. Here, check or uncheck auto-update based our your preference.

This way you can Fix auto-updating of individual Kodi Addons on your firestick.If you are setting update preference for individual Addons you can prevent Addons being stuck when an update is available. So make sure you Enable update preference as “Notify but do not update” to make sure your Kodi firestick is working fine with all the add-ons.

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